As a trade association, your membership relies on your thought leadership and best in class services to help them achieve their business goals. As a website publisher, you need an online strategy that can help you maintain your central role in a web-centric world.

  • Expo-Sure advanced web media solutions from Kande Media can help. From building traffic to your association website to keeping your membership connected across the web, your value as an industry hub can grow with the use of advanced web media.
  • Expo-Sure was developed with the unique needs of trade associations and trade shows in mind, so it complements other association marketing tactics you already use. Web media is different from direct mail, email marketing, static banners on your website and social media marketing.
  • Expo-Sure uses modern web media technology to deliver a message to your target audience anywhere they go online. It’s a flexible, interactive and measurable way to drive awareness and engagement among affiliates or new prospects.
  • Build your audience and increase time on your site with targeted media campaigns across the web. Maximize advertising revenue on your site with publisher programs that can boost your ad rates. Stay connected to your membership wherever they go online to build value as an industry hub.

Whether you’re publishing a trade portal or launching a product at a trade show, Kande Media offers online advertising services that deliver results for your trade.