Expo-Sure is a web media service designed exclusively to meet the needs of trade associations, trade shows and exhibitors.

Reach your trade audience online.
The web provides new ways to market to your affiliates and new prospects because they are online every day. Grow your audience and stay connected with them across the web with Expo-Sure.

Find your target audience across the web.
Whether you’re prospecting for new members, affiliates or customers, or looking for new ways to stay close to existing ones, Expo-Sure campaigns help you reach your target audience wherever they go online.

Right audience. Right message. Right time.
Expo-Sure lets you define your target audience, your creative strategy and your delivery requirements, so it can support all of your sales or marketing initiatives. Use Expo-Sure to announce a new product launch, enroll a conference, schedule sales meetings online and more.

Many ways to use Expo-Sure web media.

  • Trade associations use Expo-Sure targeted web media to find new members or accelerate renewals. There’s no faster, easier way to promote a timely message to your membership.
  • Trade show managers maximize attendee and exhibitor registration with targeted campaigns that highlight the unique value of their trade event.
  • Exhibiting companies drive more qualified traffic to their exhibit booth with pre-show promotional campaigns.

Get started with Expo-Sure today.
Kande Media can help you use your existing website, registration system, discussion forums and emails to find new prospects and stay more connected to your existing audience wherever they go online.